21 Sep 2010

Dodo Lantern referbishemnt 2010

Hello one and all! One event I help out with and participate in is the annual Lantern Festival every September at Ulverston, Cumbria. Here the video I shot last year with an ordinary point and shoot camera.

A quick note on the construction of these lanterns, they are produced by the cutting and taping willow withies into different shapes, then tissue paper is added with diluted PVA glue (half and half mix of PVA glue and water) Illumination comes from a candle installed in the main body of the Lantern (LED light is used in lanterns where narrow spaces where a candle would result in buning the lantern) Each year there are different theme for people to build lanterns (In 2009 it was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, This year was Circus of Dreams)

Last year I produced the Dodo featured in this video. I had originally wanted to have it with wings extended and looking back the top of the head wasn't very well illuminated by the candle installed in the belly of the lantern.

For this year I wanted to create the wings I originally planned for and add LED lighing into the Dodo for non-candle based illumination (much safer for indoor display)

Here we see the Dodo's wings half completed.

Side view.

Front right view. To be able to work a little easier I tempoarally added a side stand on the rear right of the lantern so I wouldn't have to keep propping the Dodo against tables and chairs.

Scale view, The Dodo is on a table but this gives you an idea of the size of my lantern.

Video of the referbishment of the Dodo, partly completed.

After a few more hours of manipulating the withies, liberal use of masking tape, instalation of LEDs and gluing up of tissue paper results in the final lantern!

Front three quarter view.

Side view

Rear view, I'm quite happy with the details on the wing tips for the feathers.

Close up of the head of the Dodo.

Front view to the left of the Dodo.

A video of the complete lantern. This shows there some of the LEDs are inside the Dodo.

I hope you have enjoyed this showcase, if you are in the North West of England it's something I would reccomend for anyone the participate in for next year!

And now for me acting like an idiot! Enjoy!

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3 Sep 2010


Another day, another argument! This one about the apparent death of physical media according to Apple and idiots!


13 Jun 2010

Word Practice 13-6-10

these words that I type may never be read by another human, No! I shall not limit myself to say no human, nothing shall read this. As I type I only look at the keyboard and nothing else. From a moment to moment point I only know what is and not what was or shall be. I do have a general asumption that what I type is lead by my sole experieces and how I inturprut them but also I haven't planned this out as this is a free writing session.

Reguarding any puncuation, Grammar or spelling errors I can only know what I type from a moment to moment basis. I might spot a word typed wrong and endevor to remover that error but I only look at the keyboard! So any half thoughts, missplacement of words or subtext is on a moment to moment bassis.

Fuck I looked up. But I carry on for that moment has gone and I continue with what I speak..

This is an exersise in re aquainting myself with sitting infront of a computer to write. For the past several weeks, I have been working on a production where I need to get my ideas across in a very clear and quick medium and I have somewhat have lost that skill, To sit and tyope. For the moment I sit here In my office in Lancaster getting used to typimng again as I have only really used a laptop for work and I want to be able to sit down infront of a computer with the sole intwention to write words.

With that being said, why should I sit down to wqrite with a keyboard? couldn't i only give have thoughts in a text or e-mail. No! with the world moving so fast mone's words need to carry meaning! In conversation my words have a fullness which I chose to use as it engages those with what I have to say. to instant message, everyone needs to be reactive to what is going on in the converstion. To answer questions on a moment to moment basis, These words don't carry weight to them.

(goes for drink)refreshed, I may continue.

The words that spin in my head are clarity. The wod has to be my point that I must pursue...

ok that is aload of bullshit with me trying to get back into this line of thought The real reason why I sit here, going word per word is simple. Action, consiquence. I might have a good idea what I'm going to say but until I sit here and type out these words (the one's you are reading) I don't know what is going to be next! for goodness sake I could throw a panda into the conversation right now! But I won't as that would be silly...

I worry that my words don't have meaning if I uload them to the internet. so the only way I thought I could do it is to keep looking down and never look back and say "oh, that's my old work, I'm working on something super awesome" and then I just keep seeing other people doing stuff that is what I was going to do. The Brian Wilson effect id you will reguarding his magnum opus Smile. But ulitmatly what I have learn't is that it's only copying if I do what I did before! I can do new exciting, embrasing my ideas with the knowledge that it will have been said because I say it with my voice. Or do I?

Because I need to say that me, the me on the on the outside might be a bit odd or strange. But it is all an act! I need to present mysef in the "ordinary" world as somewhat normal, and for the most part I do this very well. but for me to truly be free to do what I need to do, I need to be able to let me be me. It might not match, it might not work BUT! I will be doing whzt I do and that is the best I can do it.

So please don't run away and say Peter is strange. Everyone just needs to get over each other and see what good there is in everyone and accept that I might just be strange. I'm still me and what I do is good! If I worry about what I'm doing and what everyone else is thinking then I'm not going to be me! I'm going to me the restranded me and you will only get part of the experience. I and don't like that!

I do it so then I can be my best. If I don't fit with you then it might just mean we don't fit... But I am willing to be what you want me to be so long as you know that when you want the best I MUST BE ME, TRULY!

Typed between 10:50pm to 10:43pm, 13-6-10 by Peter Adams

15 May 2010

What A minute!!!!

I have a BLOG!!?!? I must update this, I guess

Yeah, sorry everyone who might be watching. I might start talking again after I spent half an hour making sure that I didn't haven't tones of SPAM in the comments.

Maybe I will do a blog roll next post!

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20 Jul 2009

100th post!

And I'm going to talk about my experience with Swine Flu!*

*might not have been swine flu...

It's was misserable, it's not even a proper illness. Back in 08 (I think) I have that flu bug and that kept me in bed, which wasn't to bad as I did feel ill. But Sweine flu, it's doesn't get you completly so I tried doing work and after two weeks of coughing I was bored as heck!

Yeah, this post was kind of dissapointing... Roll on post 1000!!!

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25 Jun 2009

Slightly depressed

First I have a splitting headache for two days, this morning my voice was mess up like I smoked 60 a day then this.

Why does this keep happening!? This looks so boring, why does Hollywood keep doing this??? Zombies are awesome as they are a reflection on humanity and people in general. But if it's not a fight for survival then no good.

Well I guess I will need to do something about that...

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17 Apr 2009

I have WAY to much free time

Right, assuming that in the greater land mass of Britain is roughly 800,000 miles, this includes England, Wales and Scotland (sorry Ireland, come the next ice age though!) NOW, we are told that the roads are clogged up with cars but this is complete rubbish as I will now show...

Assuming a typical car is 20 foot long, some longer (buses, lorries, vans) some shorter (city cars, etc, etc) but on average I think it's a good number. There is 5,280 feet in you're average mile (according to my lappy's length calculating thingy) There are roughly thirty four million cars on the roads today. Now we have the numbers, time to do the math!

Right! multiply the length of car to the number of cars or L*N resulting in the number of feet of cars on the road which we will call X Take X and devide that by the number of feet in a mile which we will ∑.

The formula looks like this


The magic number that we arrive at is 128,787 miles worth of cars, now that is allot of cars BUT that leaves 671,213 worth of tarmac. Also thinking that no one will be willing to test out my theory by getting every car bumper to bumper then I feel pretty safe with this number though if you do have more accurate numbers then feel free to keep them to yourself. If you want to ask me any questions about why on earth I would be at all interested in answering the trivial question well, yeah... I don't know!


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10 Mar 2009

Saturdays morning cartoons

Can't, Stop, WATCHING!!!

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14 Feb 2009

Comic Strip - 14-2-09

Comic strip - 14-2-09

Zero tolerance with me for those who can't make it in time...

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Interview №4983172

This looks like it could be on E4! or am I just insane??!?!

Any TV executives out there who want to give me a couple of grand for development? can't promises a TV show or web thing, but hey that is life *run of singing

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