21 Sep 2010

Dodo Lantern referbishemnt 2010

Hello one and all! One event I help out with and participate in is the annual Lantern Festival every September at Ulverston, Cumbria. Here the video I shot last year with an ordinary point and shoot camera.

A quick note on the construction of these lanterns, they are produced by the cutting and taping willow withies into different shapes, then tissue paper is added with diluted PVA glue (half and half mix of PVA glue and water) Illumination comes from a candle installed in the main body of the Lantern (LED light is used in lanterns where narrow spaces where a candle would result in buning the lantern) Each year there are different theme for people to build lanterns (In 2009 it was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, This year was Circus of Dreams)

Last year I produced the Dodo featured in this video. I had originally wanted to have it with wings extended and looking back the top of the head wasn't very well illuminated by the candle installed in the belly of the lantern.

For this year I wanted to create the wings I originally planned for and add LED lighing into the Dodo for non-candle based illumination (much safer for indoor display)

Here we see the Dodo's wings half completed.

Side view.

Front right view. To be able to work a little easier I tempoarally added a side stand on the rear right of the lantern so I wouldn't have to keep propping the Dodo against tables and chairs.

Scale view, The Dodo is on a table but this gives you an idea of the size of my lantern.

Video of the referbishment of the Dodo, partly completed.

After a few more hours of manipulating the withies, liberal use of masking tape, instalation of LEDs and gluing up of tissue paper results in the final lantern!

Front three quarter view.

Side view

Rear view, I'm quite happy with the details on the wing tips for the feathers.

Close up of the head of the Dodo.

Front view to the left of the Dodo.

A video of the complete lantern. This shows there some of the LEDs are inside the Dodo.

I hope you have enjoyed this showcase, if you are in the North West of England it's something I would reccomend for anyone the participate in for next year!

And now for me acting like an idiot! Enjoy!

Check out more video's here

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