17 Apr 2009

I have WAY to much free time

Right, assuming that in the greater land mass of Britain is roughly 800,000 miles, this includes England, Wales and Scotland (sorry Ireland, come the next ice age though!) NOW, we are told that the roads are clogged up with cars but this is complete rubbish as I will now show...

Assuming a typical car is 20 foot long, some longer (buses, lorries, vans) some shorter (city cars, etc, etc) but on average I think it's a good number. There is 5,280 feet in you're average mile (according to my lappy's length calculating thingy) There are roughly thirty four million cars on the roads today. Now we have the numbers, time to do the math!

Right! multiply the length of car to the number of cars or L*N resulting in the number of feet of cars on the road which we will call X Take X and devide that by the number of feet in a mile which we will ∑.

The formula looks like this


The magic number that we arrive at is 128,787 miles worth of cars, now that is allot of cars BUT that leaves 671,213 worth of tarmac. Also thinking that no one will be willing to test out my theory by getting every car bumper to bumper then I feel pretty safe with this number though if you do have more accurate numbers then feel free to keep them to yourself. If you want to ask me any questions about why on earth I would be at all interested in answering the trivial question well, yeah... I don't know!


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